Extension Program Buy-in

Q: Who is required to complete the Extension Program Buy-in Process?

A: The Extension Program Buy-in process must be completed by all Extension Agent faculty.



Where do I go to Buy-in to Extension Programs?



  • Beginning in the 2013 program year, Extension faculty will buy-in to the work of our Program Teams.
  • Once you have logged-in to eFARS as usual, look for the "Extension Planning and Reporting" section in the Report Outline tab.
  • Open this section and then open the "Extension Planning" section.
  • Click on "Buy-in."

Buy-in Data Entry


Selecting Outcomes


Clicking on the Program and Impact Team name will bring up a description of the objectives being addressed by that team.

Select from the list of Program and Impact Teams to match your programming plans.

Buy-in to Outcomes by clicking Add.


Buy-in Data Editing

Review List of Program & Impact Team Buy-ins


  • Program and Impact Teams will be added with the minimum Percent Time of 5%. For full-time employees, planning is based on 260 days . So 5% represents 13 days.
  • To change the "Percent Time Planned" click on the "EDIT My Buy-in Percent Times" text link.
  • Remove Teams by clicking on the "Remove" text link.

    * Note: Removing Teams will delete any Personal Action Plans data associated with that Team.

  • Regardless of your Extension appointment, allocate time across the Program and Impact Teams you buy into so that the total percent equals 100.

Editing "Percent Time Planned" for Program and Impact Teams

  • Change the "Percent Time Planned" in the appropriate text box.
  • Click on "Save and Return" to save and return to the Program or Impact Team Buy-in home page.
  • You are done with the Extension Program Buy-in!
  • If you are an Extension Agent, go on to the Personal Action Plan application.
  • When you are finished, you can print this page for a "hard copy" of your Buy-in.

Extension Personal Action Plan

Q: Who must complete the Personal Action Plan Process?

A: The Personal Action Plan (PAP) process must be completed by all Extension Field Faculty. Extension Specialists are

not required to develop a PAP.


Where do I go to Complete the Personal Action Plan?


  • After completion of the Program Buy-in, move on to the development of your Personal Action Plan.
  • The PAP section is found in the Extension Planning and Reporting > Extension Planning section.
  • Click on "Personal Action Plan."
  • You must Buy-in to at least one Program before developing a PAP.

My Personal Action Plan


Expected Program Impacts

Target Audience and Underserved Clients

Educational Response (Outputs)

Activities/Topics & Delivery Methods

People Responsible

Time Frame

Personal Action Plan Outline


  • The Personal Action Plan is made up of four sections. Those sections are outlined in the box to the left.
  • For each Program and Impact Team in your Buy-in, you must complete a PAP.

Navigation for PAP Data Entry



  • To complete or make changes to the PAP, click on the "Edit" text link beside any of the Outcomes that you bought into.

PAP Data Entry

  • Text boxes are provided for PAP data entry.
  • There is a character limit of 4,000 for each of the text boxes.
  • Remember to save your work.

Saving and Printing your PAP

  • When you are finished developing your PAP, you can save an electronic copy for your records from the PAP home page. Use "File">"Save As" in the Internet Explorer Menu Bar. The page can be saved as a Webpage (.html) or as a Text file (.txt).
  • If you want to print off a "hard copy" for your records go to the PAP home page. Use "File">"Print" in the Internet Explorer Menu Bar.

For assistance, contact:

Joseph R. Hunnings
Director, Planning and Reporting, Professional Development and Civil Rights Compliance.
Virginia Cooperative Extension & Virginia Agriculture Experiment Station (MC 0402)
250 Drillfield Dr. / Room 117
College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Office phone: 540-231-9409